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Training & Treatment Program

The SOLUTION for Sustainable Life Change

The Challenge to Change Method disrupts the cycles of addiction, incarceration, abuse and neglect by addressing the root cause(s) of familial dysfunction and by association, the inability to make and/or sustain positive life changes. 
By combining our proprietary Generational Review Process with our 4 Phase Reconstruction Formula clients are empowered to understand, confront and reconstruct their Generational System(s) of Origin then provided with actionable tools to aid in the development of an individualized proactive living plan.  

CHANGE cannot happen around you, until it happens within you. 

Let us help. 



Challenge to Change Method (CTCM) is the solution that makes change not only possible, but sustainable.


CTCM Training & Treatment takes a practical, person-centered approach to healing and recovery. Participants are provided with the strategies and support necessary to make and sustain proactive change. CTCM is built on the principles of Proactive Living, Self-Mastery and the Reconstruction of the Generational System of Origin.


This training utilizes a variety of tools and therapies including Cognitive-Behavioral Modification Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Goal Setting, Interactive Journaling, Success Tracking, and ongoing Accountability. This combination provides program participants with actionable tools that can be implemented immediately. 


CTCM Participants are empowered to utilize the data that is mined from the Generational Review process to discover the root cause of poor performance, emotion-driven dependencies. chemical dependencies, and abusive or dysfunctional behaviors. Program graduates exit the program with more confidence and self-awareness. They are better able to effectively communicate and self-advocate their needs and expectations in a productive manner, uphold their boundaries and maintain their changes long-term.

Who do we serve?

The Challenge to Change Method was created specifically to provide an effective mechanism for healing and recovery from trauma related dependencies, drug & alcohol addiction, adult & juvenile incarceration, and domestic violence.

Our clients are primarily the providers and organizations who assist individuals with recovery, re-entry, or prevention services such as Substance abuse Treatment Centers, State and Federal Prisons, City and County Diversion Programs, Local Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Response Centers. 

What if you are not receiving services?

Private coaching and self-study options are available.


CTCM is founded on Proactive Living and Self-Mastery skills that anyone can implement in their lives. As a result, there is a self-study program available to anyone who is committed to begin making sustainable changes in their lives and / or relationships but who may not be seeking services from any of the agencies above. 


“My Patient, raves about Challenge to Change classes, workbooks, and especially Dr. Marci's Handouts. I was pleased to see that she is invested. A beautiful treatment coincidence is how well the CTC content being covered by Dr. Marci aligns with [my patient's] personal psychotherapy goals. "

Clinician Name & Facility Withheld for HIPAA Compliance

October 2022

“My favorite thing about our class with Dr. Marci is that it is an open and truly safe group conversation. We all participate."

Patient Name & Facility Withheld for HIPAA Compliance

November 2022

“Challenge to Change has taught me that life does not have to be what it was. We do not have to live in ugliness. I can say no, I can change it. I can remove us (me and my babies) from it and stay away from it."

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October 2022

“ In Challenge to Change I learned how to look at the dysfunctional patterns of self-medicating, my domestic violence past, how I was raised and how as an adult I have allowed others to treat me and how I didn't speak up for myself. Now I am able to set attainable goals, I have started journaling and writing my story from my dysfunctional family system to current day."

Patient Name & Facility Withheld for HIPAA Compliance

December 2022

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