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Practitioner Certification

Practitioner Certification is an intensive one-week training program designed to train new CTCM practitioners all of the ins and outs about the Challenge to Change Method. You will learn the history of CTCM, how it was developed, and why it is the best there is for assisting individuals who are presently facing difficult life challenges and in recovery from things such as substance abuse and addiction, domestic violence, incarceration, and other forms of trauma. 

You will be fully immersed in the various therapies used and you will gain firsthand knowledge of the program by becoming a product of the product. You will choose a life challenge that you are presently facing or have struggled to overcome in the past and follow the program to seek your resolution. 


You will also be provided an opportunity to teach a session to your peers to enhance your confidence and prepare you for the training and treatment in a real life scenario.  

Become a Certified CTCM
Training Practitioner

The certification program combines virtual, in-person, and self-study training modules. Practitioners will gather together in person for 3 full intensive days of training. You will: 


  • Get an overview of Generational Systems, what they are, how they function, and their long-term impact.  

  • Gain a complete understanding of the various components of the Challenge to Change Method.

  • Learn the fundamental strategies necessary to teach the curriculum. 

  • Complete all of the coursework which will include the development of a personal case study for effective change.

  • Present their case study to the peer group. 

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Practitioner Certification

Benefits of Certification: 

  • Save 10% on all future bulk orders of CHALLENGE TO CHANGE program materials.

  • Save 20% on admission to LIVE events and conferences hosted by CHALLENGE TO CHANGE.

  • Complimentary access to supplemental virtual training sessions.

  • Certificates of Completion 

  • Lifetime access to the online CHALLENGE TO CHANGE Community.

  • Name and agency location added to the online practitioner's database.

  • Dedicated Practitioner Field Support Line.

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2023 Certification Dates

Jan. 23-25 - Fairbanks, AK 

Mar. 17-19 - Phoenix, AZ

Jun. 26-28 - TBD

Oct. 7-9 - TBD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a short list of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us directly and an associate will be happy to follow up with you personally.

Do I have to be affiliated with an Agency to get certified?

A: No. You do not need to be affiliated with a specific agency. You may be certified independently and license the program directly from Challenge to Change. You will receive the same benefits. 

Q: If I complete the certification program do I work for you?

A: No. You will be considered a CTCM CERTIFIED TRAINING PRACTITIONER, and your name will be included on the list of individuals who have been fully certified to train and facilitate CTCM programs. You may be on occasion contacted to facilitate a session if a request is made within your geographical area and scheduling does not allow one of our program directors to train that session.

Q: Are Payment Plans Available

A: Yes, Payment plans are available for all programs except the self-study.

Q: If I am offered a session to train will I be compensated?

A: Yes, if you are contacted by us to facilitate a session in place of a company Program Director. You will be compensated at a rate agreed upon, based on the length of the program and number of participants.

Q: If I teach a session, can I set my own pricing?

A: No. As a CTCM Certified Training Practitioner, you will be contracted to utilize the same pricing models as we use in-house. This ensures stable pricing for clients and equitable revenue for practitioners.

Q: Can I rebrand the materials with my own company name and logo?

A: No. All materials are trademarked and copyrighted. As Certified Training Practitioner you may teach the CTC Method, but you are legally prohibited from making unauthorized copies of the content, rebranding, or otherwise altering the program content.

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