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Dr. Marci - Keynote Address, Downtown Phoenix

Genuine, Inspirational, Real, and Relatable, that is how previous attendees have described their keynote experiences. We don't believe in speaking to an audience, we believe in sharing experiences, stories and information! 

I ensure you our time together will be both engaging and enriching. You will walk away feeling empowered to make changes in your own life, relationships, and business affairs. You may choose from one of the hugely popular speaker keynotes below or we can work together to tailor the message to your objectives. 

Most Requested Keynotes

Challenge To Change 

The Challenge to Change is not a call for action, it is a war cry for a radical, life-changing, sustainable change!

Everyone is capable of such changes with the right support and guidance. The problem, however, is that a whole lot of people talk about their awareness that where they are, the things they're doing, and the direction they are headed are all in conflict with the life they say they want. Beyond that admission, few people do anything about it. 

This keynote will challenge you to change as an individual and as an organization by outlining the workings of a Generational system, how it impacts choices, and what you can do to reconstruct self-defeating beliefs and alter behaviors that do not constructively serve you. 

The goal, to move forward in life, relationships, and business with a clearly defined vision of how you want to show up and serve in this world. 

Voiceless to Victorious

Life Experiences can have a way of robbing us of our innocence, stifling our confidence, and silencing voices, before we have even noticed it's happened. 

Learning to live and love un-edited requires us to make the choices and take the chances to reclaim what we have lost. 

In this heartfelt speaker keynote, Marci takes us back to visit the many points along her journey where she lost her voice the 3 things you can begin to do TODAY that will take you from voiceless to victorious. You will walk away from this training ready to live out loud, say no unapologetically and Redeem Your Abundance!

I'm Over IT!

As women, one of the biggest lies we tell the world and try to convince ourselves of is... "I'm OVER IT!" The bad news is, most of the time you are barely even through it, let alone over it. The good news is, it doesn't have to stay that way.

When we allow ourselves to get honest about what we have been through, it's no wonder we want to stuff it away and never think or speak on it again. It's natural. It doesn't make you weak, in fact, you survived it! You have already proven that you are strong enough to endure.  I'm here to remind you....... You deserve better!

Walk with me as we break down the real and the raw about how you give away your power when you don't confront the demons in our past. In this speaker training, you will learn how to use your past as a building block to create a powerful future.

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