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Certification Manual & Materials

You will be provided two copies of the program materials. One set you will use during your certification training to work on a personal life challenge. This will allow you to have a practical working knowledge of all aspects of the treatment program and provide insight into what your participants will be feeling and experiencing in the various exercises. This will also give you personal points of reference which increases the relatability and demonstrates a heightened level of expertise, as well as instill greater confidence in you during your live client sessions. 

You will also be given one Practitioner manual and a copy of the presentation slides. The slides are yours to use whenever you are conducting a session. However other than adding your Agency Name, the Date, and your name, there should be no other modifications or branding done to the materials. 

The information contained in the CTCM manuals and training materials are copyrighted and registered.

Once you have completed your Practitioner Certification, you will be provided a link to order materials in bulk at a discounted rate. 

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This book walks you step by step through the exploration and discovery of your past and present. You will learn about the Generational System, what it is, how it works, and how it has impacted your life. It includes a few exercises to ensure that you grasp the concepts and allows you to begin working the steps.

It may be used alone but is recommended as part of a package.


Practitioners Manual- contains all of the tools and information necessary to train the CTCM Training & Treatment Method. 

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Intended to be used in conjunction with the Book, this workbook expands on the information in the book and incorporates a variety of additional exercises.

The workbook walks with you step by step as you process what you learn on your personal journey and develop a personal action plan that will keep you connected to your commitment and motivated about continued self-improvement.

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Proactive Living, which is a hallmark of sustainable life changes requires that you remain actively engaged in creating and living your life, as opposed to sitting idle on the sidelines allowing life to just happen to you,

This tool aids you in that engagement process. Allowing you to make, assess and course correct as you move forward.


One of the easiest things to do is allow life to pass you by without even noticing. Much of the work is to condition you to celebrate yourself by noting little wins. This does not come naturally to most people. That is why this tool is a game changer. You are encouraged to document your Proactive Living journey toward sustainable life change and be present with your emotions along the way. This book is waiting on YOU to tell your story.

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This coloring book may be used alone or in conjunction with the full Challenge to Change Program for Sustainable Life Change.

Coloring mandalas is a form of art therapy meant to aid in stress relief and serves to increase focus while exercising the brain and allowing you to freely express your creativity.

According to renowned Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, "Coloring mandalas allows the brain to enter a peaceful state and to be focused on filling in the geometrical shapes instead of thinking about their worries.”


In the CHALLENGE TO CHANGE book and workbook there is an entire section that explains the importance of affirmations.

This book is an added support tool that allows you to go deeper in that self-work by providing some guided reflections that can inspire and motivate you when faced with disappointment or uncertainty. 

Self-reflection is a great tool to utilize to become more conscious of what drives you. It can motivate you to make changes that help you develop yourself and improve your life.

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