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Training & Treatment Methods

The Challenge to Change Method stands out from all other coaching, treatment, and recovery programs on the market due to its unique combination of factors. Unlike any other program, it integrates an understanding of the Generational System of Origin, Awareness of Operational IPA, and Knowledge of self with behavioral modification, continuous support, and ongoing accountability.

Our approach goes beyond making incremental improvements in your life; it is focused on a comprehensive transformation of your entire life experience. Our unwavering commitment lies in equipping you with the knowledge and tools to effect Sustainable Life Changes successfully.

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Image by Rajiv Perera - multi-generational family photo. Several generations standing together in front of a white house posing for the photo.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 

The amalgamation of two core therapeutic approaches, BEHAVIORAL THERAPY and COGNITIVE THERAPY, forms the foundation of this approach. It is based on the premise that all behaviors are learned and, consequently, can be altered. Additionally, it recognizes the impact of negative or dysfunctional thinking on emotions and behaviors.

Through this fusion, the emphasis lies in empowering individuals to modify their behavior by delving into the history of their thoughts and emotions. By gaining this understanding, they can take proactive steps towards positive change and growth.

Humanistic Therapy (HT) Our program equips participants with essential life skills and decision-making strategies, enabling them to approach challenging choices with rationality and confidence. By embracing accountability for their actions, they unlock the pathway to reaching their utmost potential and personal development.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Collaborating harmoniously with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Humanistic Therapy (HT), and the Generational System Review Process, our approach empowers participants to set meaningful goals, establish healthy boundaries, and cultivate a profound sense of self-worth and capability.

These transformative outcomes are facilitated through the integration of mindfulness techniques, proactive living principles, and the journey of self-mastery.



The cornerstone of CTCM's effectiveness lies in our trademarked Generational System Review Process, making it one of the most potent methods for achieving sustainable life changes.

Through this process, clients receive training on how to explore and self-identify the underlying causes behind their unhealthy thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. They gain profound insights not only into the reasons behind their actions but also into the origins of these patterns.

Moreover, the Generational Review process empowers them to pinpoint the specific timing and source of the dysfunctional mindset and habits that have influenced their lives.

Once learned, this step-by-step review process becomes a valuable tool that clients can apply to any situation or obstacle they encounter throughout their lifetime.



While it would be convenient to have a simple, hands-off, one-time solution for change, unfortunately, such an option does not exist.

Proactive and healthy change, along with the reconstruction of a dysfunctional Generational System, is an ongoing process that demands intentionality and reinforcement.

The CHALLENGE TO CHANGE METHOD sets itself apart by equipping participants with a set of powerful tools upon completing their training or treatment program.

CTCM dedicates four comprehensive sessions to implementation and integration strategies, providing participants with accountability, goal setting, momentum, and maintenance tools.

As a result, they emerge from the program with a lifelong blueprint for emotional well-being, mindful awareness, heightened self-confidence, and enhanced communication skills essential for continual success.

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