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Training & Treatment Methods

There is not another program out there that combines an understanding of the Generational System of Origin, Awareness of Operational IPA, and Knowledge of self with behavioral modification, support and ongoing accountability. 

This is what sets the Challenge to Change Method apart from all other coaching, treatment, recovery, and re-entry programs on the market. 

We are not just about making little changes to improve your life here and there. Our goal is to completely overhaul how you experience life from now on. We are committed to teaching you HOW TO make SUSTAINABLE LIFE CHANGES. 

Therapy and Support Session with a male and female standing up in the middle giving one another a hug
Image by Rajiv Perera - multi-generational family photo. Several generations standing together in front of a white house posing for the photo.
Young man kneeling on the white line in the middle of a highway. He is holding a map in front of him as if to confirm the direction he is heading


CTCM combines multiple therapeutic approaches.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)  combines the primary principle of BEHAVIORAL THERAPY, that all types of behaviors are learned and can therefore be changed, with principles of COGNITIVE THERAPY, which indicates that negative or dysfunctional thinking leads to dysfunctional emotions and/or behaviors.


This combination focuses on empowering the person to change their behavior by gaining an understanding of the history of their thoughts and emotions. 

Humanistic Therapy (HT) provides our program participants with the life skills and decision-making strategies they need to make rational decisions when faced with difficult choices, and accept responsibility for their actions, which in turn aids in the development of their maximum potential. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) works in conjunction with CBT, HT, and the Generational System Review Process to empower participants to set goals, establish boundaries, and to be able to view themselves as worthy and capable of leading a rich and meaningful life.


This is achieved through mindfulness techniques, proactive living, and self-mastery.



Our trademarked Generational System Review Process is what makes CTCM one the most effective methods for sustainable life change. 


The generational review process trains clients on how to explore and self-identify the root cause(s) behind the development of their unhealthy thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.  

They gain an understanding of not only why they think, feel, believe, and do the things they do.


The Generational Review process also enables them to identify specifically when and from whom the dysfunctional mindset and habits started. 

The step-by-step review process can be applied to any situation or obstacle they are facing for the remainder of their life. 



While it would be great if change had a simple, hands off, one and done option to offer, unfortunately it does not. 

Proactive, healthy change and the reconstruction of a dysfunctional Generational System is an ongoing process which requires intentionality, and reinforcement. 

The final component that sets the CHALLENGE TO CHANGE METHOD apart are tools that participants have in their toolbox when they complete their training or treatment program. 

CTCM invests 4 full sessions to implementation and integration strategies that provide them with accountability, goal setting, momentum, and maintenance tools. 

They leave their treatment or training program with a lifelong blueprint for emotional well-being, mindful awareness, heightened self- confidence, and the elevated communication skills necessary for continual success.

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