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The programs materials for Challenge to Change Method for Treatment & Training takes a holistic approach to recovery and healing.


The materials consist of a series of books that have been purposefully created to address the welfare, education, and healing needs of the whole person. CTCM considers mental, emotional, familial, social, and religious factors to train readers how to emotionally regulate past experiences through intentional review to gain insight and information. They are then able to use that data to self-identify the root cause(s) of the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that have led to their present life experience.

Armed with that knowledge along with the proactive living & self-mastery skills they learn in the program they are able to reconstruct the foundation of their Present Generational System and prevent further dysfunction for themselves, and those who they come into contact with. 


This is a self-study program that contains all of the key elements of the full Challenge to Change Method. 


*Not pictured in main image is the Little Book of Self-Reflection. 

Challenge to Change Self-Study Program

SKU: 9798885672559-1-5
  • Contains: 

    • Challenge to Change Book
    • Challenge to Change Curriculum Workbook
    • 52-Week guided journal
    • My Life Memoir Book
    • Mandala Adult Coloring Book
    • Little Book of Self-Reflections
    • Action Clicker
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