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Program Options

The Challenge to Change Method was created specifically to provide an effective mechanism for healing and recovery from trauma-related dependencies, drug & alcohol addiction, adult & juvenile incarceration, and domestic violence.

We have structured programs for service providers who are providing recovery and treatment services and who would like to offer Challenge to Change as an added value to their existing therapy models. We have customizable workshops available as an educational and inspirational tool, and we also offer a self-study program that allows individuals recovering from abuse, addiction, or incarceration to explore and heal at their own pace, in the privacy of their own homes. 

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12-Week Treatment Program


This requires significant time and emotional commitment. It is a personal investment of 12 weeks in a group setting. This program is specifically designed to serve the needs of individuals recovering from Relational Abuse, Addiction, or other Personal Trauma. The sessions are facilitated by a Founding Program Director or CTCM Certified Training Practitioner.


This program walks participants step by step through the Challenge to Change Method. It provides an in-depth look at Generational Systems and gives participants ample time both in and out of the group setting for discovery and reflection.

This program was specifically designed to work in tandem with both inpatient residential treatment programs as well as outpatient recovery programs.


Participants are fully supported emotionally on their journey as they learn to identify their system of origin, gain an understanding of its impact, and develop a blueprint for sustainable changes.

All program materials included. 



Select from 2 Workshop Options.


Choose either the Two-Day Immersion Program where participants commit to investing 12-hours over the course of two days, or the 4-hour Half-Day Program overview. 


Participants meet in a group setting. The workshop will be facilitated by a Founding Program Director or CTCM Certified Training Practitioner.


This program provides participants with a fast paced, immersion into the Challenge to Change Method by condensing the content of the 12-week program into two six-hour sessions. The primary focus in the sessions will be to gain a complete understanding of Generational Systems, how they have been impacted and what they must do to reconstruct the system through Proactive Living and forward-facing actions.


Participants are provided with the information and tools necessary for successful completion of their change journey outside of the classroom.


All program materials included. 



As the name suggests, the self-study option consists of all course materials. Self-Study is available to individuals when purchased in conjunction with private one-on-one treatment or coaching.

The tools will provide the outline and detailed explanations of the Challenge to Change Method.


You will have access to the same course materials as with any of the other programs, but you will be accountable to yourself to actually commit to the process and follow the steps as they are outlined.


To maximize your learning experience and give yourself the best chance for long-term success it is recommended that you take your time and commit to dedicating at least one month to really truly work through the exercises.


Supporting tools are available to aid you in maintaining your progress.


All program materials included. 

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